by Jerry Vines

Acts 9:32-43
Dr. Vines 8/24/86
For several verses we have been looking at Saul of Tarsus an d
the miraculous, wonderful conversion which he had. The center of the attention
now turns to Simon Peter and we look at this marvelous, magnificent preacher
of Pentecost. Remember when the Lord first saw Simon Peter and he said to him,
"Thou art Simon, but I will call you Peter, a rock." He was saying to Simon,
"I'm going to take you though you are as unstable as the shifting sand, and
I'm going to make a rock out of you and use you in a wonderful way." I'm sure
there were many, many days when Simon Peter must have doubted if God would
ever be able to do anything with him. I am sure there were other people around
who looked at his life, his failures, his inconsistencies and really wondered
if God would ever do anything with him. Now, after the resurrection of the
Lord, the day of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit, here is this
magnificent preacher, this wonderful saint of God, Simon Peter, who is
becoming more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ. Did you notice as I read
these verses how very much like Jesus Simon Peter is. He is on a preaching
tour so much like Jesus did. He is healing people and preaching the gospel so
much like Jesus did. In his mannerism and methods he uses and in the words
that he speaks he reminds you of Jesus. I think the desire of every Christian
is that somehow their life might become like the life of the Lord Jesus. I
would like to be more like Jesus every day of my life. I fear that there are
too many things in my life that are unlike the Lord Jesus. But I would be
pleased if somehow I could so grow and so mature in my life that day by day
more of the likeness and the beauty and the wonder of the Love of Jesus would
be manifested in my life. So, here is this saint of God. God is working in his
life. When we get to the tenth chapter of the book of Acts we are told in that
chapter ...

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