ACTS 9:16-30

by Jerry Vines

Acts 9:16-30
Dr. Vines 8/17/86
Back in the 16th verse of this chapter the Lord says about this man Saul
that he was a chosen vessel unto the Lord to bear his name for Gentiles and
Kings and the children of Israel. I find it very interesting that God said
about Saul that he was a chosen vessel. Even the greatest men that are ever
used of God, when you boil it down and get right down to it, they are merely
vessels of clay that God has condescended to use. The Bible says in II Cor. 4
"We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may
be of God and not of us." Anytime God uses an individual it simply means that
God has reached down and taken an humble vessel of clay, fill-ed it with his
power and used it for his glory. Over in II Tim. 2 the Bible compares a
believer to a vessel and it says in a great house there are some vessels of
gold and there are some vessels of wood and clay. Then he said that each
vessel is to be fit for the master's use. The implication of that kind of
imagery is that God chooses to take human vessels, mold them, shape them into
what he intends for them to be. God has reached down in the mire and clay. He
has saved this man named Saul. Now, having saved him he begins to mold him and
shape him into the vessel that he has destined him to become. In the early
years of the conversion of Saul there are four geographical locations that
play prominent roles in his life. In each one of those places, at every place
where God carries him in the beginning of his Christian experience God uses a
different method to mold him and shape him into God's vessel. Somehow I want
us to just understand that what ever God does in our life and what ever
experience God permits to come in our life is an experience that God will use
as a method to mold us into vessels that are capable and suitable to be used
of the Lord. So I want to talk about those four places and the methods God
used in Saul's life to make him Go ...

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