by Jerry Vines

City-Wide Revival
Jerry Vines
Acts 8:5-25

There have been instances in history where entire cities have been swept by heaven-sent revivals. There was a man named Charles Finney in America who was a converted lawyer turned evangelists who preached in many of the major cities of the northeastern part of this country. He preached a revival in Rochester, N. Y. and 100,000 people came to Christ as result of his preaching and the entire city of Rochester was shaken by the mighty power of God. Many, many years ago in the early years of the Christian faith there was a great preacher named Sovonah Rollah. He went to Florence, Italy and preached the gospel in tremendous power.

The power of God came down in such tremendous force that the history writers tell us men actually walked the streets of Florence, Italy in a daze under the power of God and the preaching of that man. Of course, we know in the Bible there was an instance of revival that swept an entire city. Jonah, the reluctant prophet, went to the city of Ninevah. He preached a message of judgment and the Bible says that the entire city of Ninevah repented beginning with the King and going to the least of the people in the city. The whole city of Ninevah was shaken by the power of God under the preaching of the prophet Jonah. A similar thing is told in these verses tonight. A man named Phillip went to the city of Samaria. He faithfully preached the Word of God and when he did a whole city was moved heavenward under the influence of his preaching. I do not believe that we would expect or that we would pray that every person in every city would come to know Christ. I think we ought to pray for the salvation of all, yet the Bible makes it clear that not everybody is going to be saved.

I believe everybody in the city of Jacksonville ought to have the opportunity to be saved if they will receive Jesus as Savior. I do not believe we are going to Christianize the city of Jacksonville. I do believe it is possibl ...

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