by Christopher Harbin

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NOTE: This sermon is part 29 and 30 of a 50 part devotional series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Twenty-Ninth Day (29 of 50)
Series: Easter Devotional
Christopher Harbin
II Timothy 1:11-12

‘‘My work is to be a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher. That’s why I am suffering now. But I am not ashamed! I know the one I have faith in, and I am sure that he can guard until the last day what he has trusted me with.’’ II Timothy 1:11-12

Would that Paul’s words were an aberration from a norm of life in ministry! It would be nice to believe the reality with which Paul dealt had been overcome in the centuries of witness to Christ Jesus and the gracious love of God presented in the ministry and resurrection of Christ. Jesus should have been the only one to suffer on behalf of the gospel, as its message is one of redemption for millions who have come to Jesus from the throes of oppression, injustice, and persecution. If we open our eyes to the realities of church history, we know better that to believe that pipe dream.


Thirtieth Day (30 of 50)
Series: Easter Devotional
Christopher Harbin
II Kings 17:13-14

‘‘So Yahweh made sure that every prophet warned Israel and Judah with these words: ‘I, Yahweh, command you to stop doing sinful things and start obeying my laws and teachings! I gave them to your ancestors, and I told my servants the prophets to repeat them to you.’ But the Israelites would not listen; they were as stubborn as their ancestors who had refused to worship Yahweh their God.’’ II Kings 17:13-14

‘‘Start obeying...’’ That nuance of the prophetic message seems strange. Most other translations cast the words differently, but this is their import. Surely, there had been obedience to Yahweh. The people were obeying at least in part. There was enough obedience to Yahweh over the generations for the prophets to encounter some knowledge of God and some summary of Yahweh’s will. The nation was at least aware of the overall structure of God’s will for their lives. It would seem from the narrator’s perspective, however, that the problems ran much deeper. There was perhaps even plenty of lip service to worshiping Yahweh, but little in terms of substance.
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