by Donald Cantrell

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Lot’s Tainted Testimony (3 of 4)
Series: Famous Failures
Donald Cantrell
II Peter 2:7-8

Theme: ‘‘Lot was worldly in his walk for God’’

Let us ponder the story of Darrell Gilyard; his rise to fame and his ruinous fall. Gilyard was an up and coming preacher that saw a swift and starry rise to fame. He was telling a heart wrenching story of being homeless and having to live under a bridge.

He became a preacher and was promoted by the likes of Jerry Vines, Paige Patterson, and the well noted pastor of ‘‘The Old Time Gospel Hour’’ Jerry Falwell. If there was any preacher in America that had the bull by the horns and was destined to success, it was Darrell Gilyard.

Then things begin to unravel, the prominent sermon ‘‘The Darrell Gilyard Miracle Story’’ was found to be untrue by Dallas Morning News.

The very pastor that tried to help launch Gilyard into the mainstream of our Southern Baptist churches, Jerry Vines was having accusations against Gilyard from a teenage girl in his church.

In 1987 Gilyard had around 25 accusations from various women accusing him of sexual misconduct. Sadly, many of his mentors only ignored the accusations and they pacified his behavior and placated the noise; how sad and horrendous.

The accusations never subsided though Gilyard moved from place to place, one step ahead of his accusers and one step ahead of his coming fall. In 2004 charges were made of teen sexual abuse against Gilyard, and he also admitted to fathering a child with a woman that had accused him of raping her in a counseling session.

In 2008 Gilyard surrendered himself to police and admitted sexual discrepancies with the two 16 year old teenagers and eventually served time in prison and is now a registered sex offender.

Darrel Gilyard is the ultimate portrait of someone having a tainted testimony. At one time Gilyard had one of the fastest growing churches in America, but he chose to become tainted. At one time Gilyard had the bac ...

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