by Donald Cantrell

Donald Cantrell
Acts 28:1-6

Theme: ''Surviving in the Midst of Being Shipwrecked and Snake bit''

I was reading a list concerning the top 4 things needed for survival and I am sure all of us could guess them:

1 - Shelter
2 - Water
3 - Food
4 - Fire

Where would you list these 4 in terms of being the most important for survival? On most of the survival sites that I looked at, fire was listed as being the most important for long term survival. If you have fire you can boil your water, cook your food, and keep your body warm and dry. It will also help keep your clothes clean and be used to fend off any wild beast that may see you as their next meal.

In our sermon today we are going to look at 6 seemingly insignificant verses from Acts 28 as Luke is closing out the book. If you are not careful you could easily just glaze over these verses and not see any spiritual significance to their placement in the scriptures. As we all know, there are no insignificant bible verses.

As I was reading through these passages I felt a strong inclination to go back and reread these verses over and over. It was only then that I saw a very valuable and helpful lesson from these verses. The story revolves around Paul and his fellow prisoners as they have been shipwrecked upon the modern day island of ''Malta''.

The men had just escaped the storm of their lives, their boat had been torn asunder, and as they washed upon the shores of Malta they are greeted by barbarous people that did not speak Greek. The islanders treated them with kindness, but it was raining and it was cold. The story then centers upon Paul whom chooses to help keep the fire burning and the embers glowing.

As we delve into this story I want you to consider this thought, nobody said it would be easy to serve God. In this story we find one of God's most faithful and loyal servants, he has been shipwrecked, he has been stranded, he has been snakebite, but he does not q ...

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