by Donald Cantrell

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Beckoned at the Burning Bush (2 of 4)
Series: Burning Bush
Donald Cantrell
Exodus 2, 3

Theme: ‘‘Moses and the divine providence of God’’

There was a boy whose dad died when he was five years old. This boy dropped out of school after the sixth grade. By the time he was 17 he had lost job after job after job. He married at 18, had a baby at 19, and was separated from his wife at 20.

He became a railroad conductor, but he got fired.

He joined the army, but he washed out.

He became a farmer and lost his shirt.

He applied to law school but got turned down.

He became an insurance salesman and couldn’t give it away.

Finally, he became a dishwasher and a cook in a two-bit restaurant. One thing he was able to do was to finally persuade his wife to come back to him and together they made a living cooking and washing dishes in this little restaurant.

At 65 years of age he retired. He went to the mailbox and got his first social security check that had a grand total of $105. This 65-year-old man was so discouraged he decided to commit suicide.

He went under a shade tree, wrote out his last will and testament, and determined to end his life.

Well, somehow his wife found out about his scheme and confronted him, and said, ‘‘Let me tell you one thing you can do, I believe better than anybody I’ve ever known.’’

He said, ‘‘What’s that?’’

She said, ‘‘You can cook.’’

He said, ‘‘Do you really think so?’’

She said, ‘‘You’re fabulous.’’

Well that gave him an idea. He went down to a local bank and borrowed $87.00 dollars against his social security check. He went to the supermarket, bought some chicken and some boxes, fried it with a special recipe he had developed on his own, put it in boxes and began going door-to-door in Corbin, Kentucky selling his chicken.
It became so popular he came up with the idea to try to sell it to restaurants.

Well, guess what? He was turned down 1,014 times before a man named Jo ...

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