by Donald Cantrell

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Barefooted at the Burning Bush (3 of 4)
Series: Burning Bush
Donald Cantrell
Exodus 3:4-14

Theme: ‘‘Moses was barefooted but blessed at this bush’’

In this text we find Moses standing in the vicinity of Mount Horeb or Mount Sinai. This particular Mount would be linked to the Nation of Israel for the entirety of their existence. It was here that God spoke to one of the greatest leaders of their nation, at the base of this Mount God called Moses to lead Israel from Egyptian bondage. It was on this same Mount that God called for the encampment of Israel and allowed Moses to spend forty days at the top of the Mount and to eventually pen the Ten Commandments.

At the base of this Mount Moses was to have an ‘‘awe’’ experience. The events of this day would inspire him for the next forty years. He was minding his own business and tending to the flock of Jethro, but God had other plans for him. This is how God works, we try to live our lives from day to day, attend to the daily affairs and grind of life and then out of nowhere, God interferes with our plans.

Has God ever messed up your plans? Has God ever pushed his way into the daily affairs of your life and upset the applecart? This is how he works. He likes to appear out of the middle of nowhere and change the entirety of life and lives.

- Abraham, God calls and he has to move homelands
- Noah, God calls and he has to build a boat for next 120 years
- Gideon, God calls and he has to fight the Midianites
- Ruth, God calls and she has to move to Bethlehem
- David, God calls and he has to leave the sheep; become a king
- Esther, God calls she has to become a queen to save her people
- Jonah, God calls he has to go preach to the arch enemy of Israel
- Elisha, God calls he has to leave the oxen and become a Prophet
- Isaiah, God calls in the temple and he enlists him for his nation
- John the Baptist, called from the womb
- Jeremiah, called from the womb
- Samson, called from the ...

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