by Donald Cantrell

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Branded at the Burning Bush (4 of 4)
Series: Burning Bush
Donald Cantrell
Exodus 3:2-14

Theme: ''Moses and his recruitment at the burning bush''


In 2014 the NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) reported 8,562 UFO sightings. The sightings are documented by three categories: 1) Event date, 2) State or Region, and 3) Shape of the UFO.

The months of July and August are the most noted months for UFO sightings. If you look up UFO's online you will find that many astronauts seemed to encounter something they would have deem as an ''unidentified flying object''. On one of the sights I visited it claimed that six US presidents claimed to have seen a UFO. In 1492 Christopher Columbus claimed to have witnessed a UFO.

Betty and Barney Hill became infamous due to claiming to have been abducted by aliens on September 19 - 20 1961. The infamous incident became know as ''The Hill Abduction''. This incident occurred in rural New Hampshire and was the first widely publicized report of an alien abduction. The event was adapted into a best selling book ''The Interrupted Journey'' in 1966 and a televised movie ''The UFO Incident'' in 1975.

On September 19th the Hills were traveling from Niagara Falls back to Portsmouth and just south of Lancaster, New Hampshire Betty claimed to have witnessed a bright point of light in the sky. Barney, Betty, and their dog, Delsey; pulled over at a scenic picnic area to take a better look at the light that was moving erratically. The Hill's claimed that the craft played cat and mouse with their vehicle and Barney claimed to have seen 8 - 11 humanoid figures peering at him from within the huge pancake shaped craft.

The aliens supposedly talked to Barney and he loaded up the car and speed away telling Betty they were going to be abducted. The events that happened thereafter were not so clear to the Hill's but they had been abducted by the aliens. The Hill's arrived home later that morning feeling odd sensations ...

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