by Jerry Watts

Don’t Waste Your Hurts
Jerry Watts
II Corinthians 1:3-11

- Years & years ago, I had to leave ministry for the couple of years because of chemical depression. It had plagued me for 3 years straight and manifested itself in ways that I don’t ever care to relive or repeat. During the 2 years I was away from ministry, I remember times when I would drive the green’s mower out on the golf course before daylight and look to the heavens asking God to ‘go ahead & take my life’ because I saw no hope for the future. After some healing came the doctors got the right med, and I was able to return to ministry, people would come to me sharing about their bout or the bout of a loved one with depression. And it through my experience that I was able to offer consolation & perhaps help. Normally, they came when they seemed to border on losing hope and I was able to share from my experiences to help them. One of the many great things about God’s word is that His word speaks in principle to just about everything you & I face or go through.

- Almost 15 years ago, my wife and I faced some of the most challenging times in our life. Our daughter (the love of our life) was going through what we ‘thought’ was hormones & normal teenage rebellion and kind of went off of the deep end. Out of respect for her and the life she has made since return I won’t go into detail except to say that we THOUGHT we would never get through it - but we did. And when we did we came to the place where people would come to us we could offer help for their loved one who was bi-polar.

- Second Corinthians is actually the 3rd letter Paul wrote to this struggling church. Corinth was a very carnal church loaded with problems. If we go back to what we call 1st Corinthians, we find the problems are many (i.e. divisions, immorality, lawsuits, marriage problems, authority issues, challenging God’s man (Paul), & even making a mockery of the Lord’s Supper). Many problems.

- As he opens this letter, we see him ...

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