by Jerry Vines

Looking for Men
Dr. Jerry Vines
Acts 6:1-7

The Bible teaches that a local church is the body of Jesus Christ in that location. The church is compared to a body, the body of Jesus. When Jesus was on this earth He conducted His ministry through a physical body. He did His ministry in the flesh. Now, having gone back to heaven the Lord Jesus works continually in the world in a body, but it is His spiritual body, the church of our wonderful Lord.

Of course, we know that a body is a living organism. A body is an organism. It is not something that is dead and lifeless. It pulsates with life. It lives and moves and breathes and grows. So, the church is the body of Jesus Christ, therefore it is an organism and it pulsates with the divine life of God. But the church is not only an organism but also it is an organization. I remember when I first started preaching and I found the truth that the church is like an organism and so I used to say the church is an organism, not an organization.

I'm glad the Lord has helped me along the way to overcome some of the mistakes I have made. That was a real big mistake I made. Because it is not an either/or situation. My body is an organism. It would be a tragedy of tragedies if my body was not organized. What would it be if my two arms were extending out of my neck. What if my leg were extending out of my ears? My body is an organism, but if it is going to function the way it ought to function, it's got to be organized. So, when you read the New Testament and you see the growth and the development of our Lord, you will find that this body of Jesus was organized.

In the new Testament the organization of the church was very, very simple. It was deeply spiritual, but it was wonderfully sufficient. Too often as the church of the Lord has grown down through the years, the organization of the church has become complex. It 2 has become carnal and in many instances corrupt. So, we must strive to retain the simplicity and the g ...

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