by Dennis Marquardt

Stay on Mission!
Dennis Marquardt
Jeremiah 29:4-14; Daniel 6:3

INTRO: Things can change quickly in one generation.

My dad just turned 95 a couple of weeks ago. When he was born in 1921 there were about 9,000,000 cars in America on the road, with a population of about 110,000,000. It was the first year you could buy a Ford car with color, and not just basic black. Today there are over 250,000,000 cars on the roads in all kinds of colors, and a population of about 325,000,000! (About 27 times more cars today while the population has only tripled). There was no television in his childhood, during my childhood we had only black and white TV and 3 stations. Much has changed in my dad’s and my lifetime!

In 1921
Federal spending: $5.06 billion (compared to 3.8 trillion in 2015)
Unemployment: 11.7%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.02

During my teens the computer was designed, using punch cards and COBOL language. There were no personal computers in my youth, no such thing as the internet; cell phones weren’t even thought of yet!

What do you do when culture drastically changes in a short period of time? Israel was watching the entire world change around them in less than one generation:

1. Political instability and terrorism as norm.
2. Rapid spiritual decline within their nation was significant.
3. Decaying economic conditions were alarming everyone, including heavy new taxes.
4. Political unrest was everywhere; their politicians were corrupt!
5. An entirely different moral system was thrust upon them contrary to their moral teachings.

Some things never change! -- During Jeremiah’s days:
1. Younger people in Israel didn’t care that much about spiritual things
2. There was a deep divide between the older generation and younger generation spiritually
3. The older people in Israel assumed that because they had a great temple to God in Jerusalem God would never permit other nations to destroy them; their confidence was placed in the traditions ...

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