by Dennis Marquardt

Blind Faith!
Dennis Marquardt
Mark 10:46-52; Deut. 24:12-13

INTRO: What’s important to God? Who’s important to God? Jesus’ followers were suffering from “tunnel vision” … a form of disease that allows the person to only see a very limited field of vision. Along comes a completely blind man, the next stage after tunnel vision, and shows them what God’s true vision is! How much “tunnel vision” have we developed in the church? Have we failed to see who and what is important to God?

How clear is our vision on what God wants, and what God expects of us? Are we seeing clearly God’s compassion for the lost, or are we satisfied with having a nice loving community of like-minded saints waiting for the rapture? IF that is the case, we are suffering from a serious condition called “tunnel vision” and should learn again what is important from this story of a BLIND man!

ILLUS: There is a subtle false teaching that says we can be evangelical without being evangelistic. It has to believe we "go" to church rather than we "are" the church. -- Chris A Lyons, Leadership, Vol. 3, no. 2.

Sometimes today it takes the most unlikely candidates to help us see clearly again what God’s vision is for this world.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that God values EVERYONE, literally everyone! We are not called to focus only on the few who are like us, who are saved and doing well; we are called to save the LOST!!

I. BARTIMAEUS - THE MAN Mark 10:46-48

A. No Name! Mark 10:46

1. This guy was on the fringes of society by first century Jewish culture. He lived at the city gates outside of Jericho, a city about 15 miles to the Northeast of Jerusalem.
a. The “old city” of Jericho in Jesus’ day was pretty desolate, so it may have been the area near the newer city of Jericho just south of the old city. Herod had built a newer city just south of the old.
b. The city gates were the normal hangout for beggars, the blind, the indigent - here they could catch people traveling in ...

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