by Stephen Whitney

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Forgiving My Brother (1 of 7)
Series: Parables of Jesus
Stephen Whitney
Matthew 18:22-35

Living in sinful word we do things which hurt the feelings of others and other people do things which hurt us. As a result relationships are broken unless we are willing to forgive others for what they have done. C.S. Lewis wrote, ''Forgiveness is a beautiful word, until you have something to forgive.''

1. Forgiveness can be hard because you have been hurt. 2. Forgiveness is necessary because to restore a relationship. 3. Forgiving others of their sins against us shows that we understand God has forgiven of our sins against him.

Peter's Question
Jesus had said that if our brother sins against us we are to confront him about his sin. If he listens to us and repents our relationship is restored (:15). Peter then asks a logical question about how many times we should forgive someone who sins against us.

Forgive - Gk. to let go or to send away Matt. 13:36 Jesus dismissed the crowds he had been teaching. I Cor. 7:11 Husband divorcing his wife and sending her away.

1. Forgiveness is not avoiding the person who hurt us. 2. Forgiveness is not excusing what the person did. 3. Forgiveness is not forgetting the sin which they committed.

Forgiveness is letting go of the pain you felt when someone sinned against you instead of seeking to take revenge.

If we are to come to grips with forgiveness we must realize: 1. Forgiveness is dealing with the sin and the pain which it caused. We have to acknowledge we were hurt by what happened to us.

2. Forgiveness is erasing the act and letting go of the wrong. We let go of the pain we experienced instead of seeking revenge.

3. Forgiveness is given as a gift, not earned by the sinner. We have to offer grace to the individual who hurt us.

Peter suggests that we should forgive them as many as seven times. He might have chose that number because it was the number of completeness li ...

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