by Stephen Whitney

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Loving My Neighbor (4 of 7)
Series: Parables of Jesus
Stephen Whitney
Luke 10:25-37

In 1970 Dianna Ross released her first solo which became one of her most popular songs. During her concerts she would have the crowd turn to their neighbors and reach out and touch their hands.

Reach out and touch somebody’s hand make this world a better place if you can. Take a little time out of your busy day to give encouragement to someone who’s lost the way.

Or would I be talking to a stone if I asked you to share a problem that’s not your own. We can change things if we start giving why don’t you reach out and touch somebody’s hand make this world a better place if you can.

Question :25
Lawyer - an interpreter and teacher of the Law of Moses. They studied the law in detail and therefore were believed to be experts.

Gary Inrig wrote, ‘‘Eternal life, he believes, is obtained by doing a set number of meritorious acts. Salvation comes by human works. You can’t do something to inherit a gift. Inheritance is based on relationship, not achievement.’’

Answer :26-27
Jesus challenges this man who believes he knows the law so well with what he understands the law to say about eternal life.

The lawyer showed his clear understanding of the OT law because he summed it up in two commandments the same way Jesus did. to love God and also to love your neighbor (Matt. 22:37).

Note: The command ‘‘love your neighbor’’ from Leviticus 19:18 is stated 9 times throughout in the NT (Matt. 5:43, 19:19, 22:39; Mark 12:31, 33; Rom. 13:9; Gal. 5:14; James 2:8). John Calvin wrote, ‘‘We should be prepared to do good to our neighbor, as we do for ourselves.’’

Challenge :28-29
Do this - a challenge to sincerely love God and his neighbor. It is easier to know the truth than to put it into practice.

Justify - Gk. to declare or pronounce righteous. He wanted to vindicate himself about who was his neighbor.

Neighbor (17x) - Gk. any person ...

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