by Christopher Harbin

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NOTE: This sermon is part 15 and 16 of a 50 part devotional series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Third Sunday of Easter, Fifteenth Day (15 of 50)
Series: Easter Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Galatians 5:29-31

‘‘But the child who was born in the natural way made trouble for the child who was born because of the Spirit. The same thing is happening today. The Scriptures say, ‘Get rid of the slave woman and her son! He won’t be given anything. The son of the free woman will receive everything.’ My friends, we are children of the free woman and not of the son.’’ Galatians 5:29-31

The Jews prided themselves on being Abraham’s descendants through Sarah. They were of the line of the son of the promise to Abraham. They were the legitimate heirs to the promise. That other son, though firstborn, was deemed unfit, unacceptable, and of lesser status and importance than their own ancestor. Reading the stories of Isaac, we might wonder what all the fuss was about. After all, the only really special thing about him was that he was Abraham’s son through Sarah.


Sixteenth Day (16 of 50)
Series: Easter Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Judges 2:10-13

‘‘After a while the people of Joshua’s generation died, and the next generation did not know Yahweh or any of the things he had done for Israel. Yahweh had brought their ancestors out of Egypt, and they had worshiped him. But now the Israelites stopped worshiping Yahweh and worshiped the idols of Ba’al and Astarte, as well as the idols of other gods from nearby nations. Yahweh was so angry...’’ Judges 2:10-13

This was a recurring theme among the Hebrews. A generation would be faithful under the lead of a prophet. The next generation seemed to forget Yahweh altogether. Even within Moses’ generation, worship of Yahweh was at best tenuous. Joshua fought to keep the people on track of following Yahweh, but in his final speech before death, he still considered them an idolatrous nation. Yahweh would lead them in victory over their enemies, free them from oppression, and provide for their needs, only to have the people forget all about Yahweh. They would be distracted by the closest idol and revert back to idolatry and fertility cults.
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