by Christopher Harbin

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NOTE: This sermon is part 7 and 8 of a 40 part devotional series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Seventh Day (7 of 40)
Series: Lenten Devotion
Christopher Harbin
Luke 2:49

‘‘Jesus answered, ‘Why did you have to look for me? Didn’t you know that I would be in my Father’s house?’’’ Luke 2:49

What do our habits say about us? Jesus expected his family to know where to find him. Even as a child, a pattern was laid for his character, identity, and concerns. The routines of his life spoke of who he was and fashioned a mold of what one might expect of him.

His parents missed the cues of what to expect, possibly because they were too wrapped up in their own established patterns of routine. Apparently, they had not paused long enough to think about where Jesus would be, and what he would be doing.


Eighth Day (8 of 40)
Series: Lenten Devotion
Christopher Harbin
II Kings 6:16-17

‘‘‘Don’t be afraid,’ Elisha answered. ‘There are more troops on our side than on theirs.’ Then he prayed, ‘Yahweh, please help him to see.’ And Yahweh let the servant see that the hill was covered with fiery horses and flaming chariots all around Elisha.’’ 2 Kings 6:16-17

Things are not always as they appear. It seems I have heard that refrain in some form repeatedly in various books, movies, and TV shows. Though we use the idea with fiction and imaginative fantasy, it is also a deeper reality of the physical and spiritual world in which we live. Political mantras and rhetoric do not always follow the realities they claim to define or interpret. Those we believe to speak truth may themselves be deceived. Our pet understandings of science or history may indeed prove to be false on closer inspection.

Gaining a clear grasp of reality is not a simple exercise. We are not omniscient creatures, nor are we gifted with a simplistic portrayal of all truth in the Scriptures. Rather, here we are instructed to seek God with all our heart in order to truly find him. Jesus will tell us that he spoke in parables in order that they crowds might NOT understand and then be held accountable. Faith, understanding, and knowing God and seeing God in action are part of a journey that must be taken in sincerity and with commitment to allow God to reveal spiritual truth on God’s own terms.
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