by Christopher Harbin

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NOTE: This sermon is part 11 and 12 of a 40 part devotional series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Eleventh Day (11 of 40)
Series: Lenten Devotion
Christopher Harbin
Proverbs 10:12

‘‘Hatred stirs up trouble; love overlooks the wrongs that others do.’’ Proverbs 10:12

We desperately want to believe that hatred centers on the other person - the one who has wronged us or those we love. Perhaps we extend it to some who have insulted God or the patterns of our religious convictions. At heart, however, hatred is a personal issue. It is a private world that revolves around our own response to a lagging sense of worth and self-protection.

Our libraries shelves, movie theaters, and even our children’s cartoons are full of stories pointing out that those who are most filled with hate are the villains of meanest character. They are the arrogant, self-serving, narcissists who hate those who provide a critique to the value or self-serving interests of the one whose hate is most evident. They are the troublemakers.


Twelfth Day (12 of 40)
Series: Lenten Devotion
Christopher Harbin
Luke 14:12-13

‘‘Then Jesus said to the man who had invited him: ‘When you give a dinner or banquet, don’t invite your friends and family and relatives and rich neighbors. If you do, they will invite you in return, and you will be paid back. When you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind.’’’ Luke 14:12-13

What a strange way to thank a host for inviting you to a meal! Why didn’t Mary teach Jesus some descent manners? Then again, manners may be exactly what Jesus was addressing as the problem.

We follow the prescribed norms of interacting with people to make sure that we are greeted in a favorable light. We teach our children to be pleasant and ingratiating, specifically for selfish interests. If they put on a nice face and make people feel good around them, it is the most self-serving thing one can do - and you can get away with it along with everyone’s praise! You’ll get yourself invited back, and that will be one more free meal!
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