by Christopher Harbin

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NOTE: This sermon is part 19 and 20 of a 40 part devotional series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Nineteenth Day (19 of 40)
Series: Lenten Devotion
Christopher Harbin
I Samuel 16:1

‘‘One day Yaheh said, ‘Samuel, I’ve rejected Saul, and I refuse to let him be king any longer. Stop feeling sad about him. Put some olive oil in a small container and go visit a man named Jesse, who lives in Bethlehem. I’ve chosen one of his sons to be my king.’’’ 1 Samuel 16:1

Samuel felt Saul’s failure deeply. He took Saul’s excesses as an affront to his own ministry. He felt responsible for having anointed Saul as king. Sure, he had warned the people that a king was not necessarily a good thing. Just because their neighbor had kings, charged with issues of security, that did not mean it was a good thing. It had been necessary for Yaheh to remind Samuel back then that it was not Samuel who was being rejected, but Yaheh. The people had stopped trusting that Yaheh would provide relief when enemies attacked them. They wanted someone visibly responsible to take on their enemies and lead their battles. It had not been God’s plan, but God was willing to allow for a king.


Twentieth Day (20 of 40)
Series: Lenten Devotion
Christopher Harbin
Matthew 13:13

‘‘I use stories when I speak to them because when they look, they cannot see, and when they listen, they cannot hear or understand.’’ Matthew 13:13

We consider stories as vehicles for communicating and teaching. We think of them as interesting ways of teaching lessons, morals, history, and patterns for living. A good story captures the imagination, awakens the senses, and introduces us to worlds, characters, and ideas we might otherwise never know. They engage, enlighten, and cajole us with truth - a truth they sometimes they hide.
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