by Jerry Vines

Aut~Sban Pra - Docurnant Card
Acts 20:28-32
Dr. Vines May 17, 1987
When a person invites Jesus into their heart and life they are born into
the family of God and according to the Bible, at that point in time, they
become apart of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I understand the New
Testament, it teaches tha here is an invisible body of Jesus Christ which we
call the church. All believers everywhere are a part of that body. This
morning I gave you Eph. 3:14 & 15 where Paul prayed, "For this cause I bow my
knees unto the father of our Lord Jesus Christ of whom the whole family in
heaven and on earth is named." You will notice that verse indicates that the
family of God, the invisible body of Christ, the church of our Lord, is found
in two locations. They are in heaven and they are on the earth. All of those
who are born again and have died, have gone on to be with the Lord in heaven,
on the earth all those in the family of God are a part of that invisible body,
the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, wherever we go, we find believers and
we find those who are members of that same body with us. The invisible church
of Jesus Christ.
Also, in the New Testament, you will find that it discusses the visible,
local congregation. When you read the letters of the New Testament, for
instance, you will find that Paul writes a letter to the Romans, that is the
believers of the church at Rome. He writes letters to the believers at Corinth
and Ephesus and Philippi and Colossi. These letters were written by Paul to
local actual, visible congregations of believers. Paul loved the local church.
Paul was dedicated and devoted to the strengthening and to the care of the
local body of believers. So, Paul now is giving a word of instruction. A word
of encouragement to these spiritual leaders. Paul, inspired by the Holy
Spirit, understood that the days ahead would be days of danger for ...

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