by Jerry Vines

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Acts 9:1-20
Dr. Vines
Many years ago in England there were two brilliant antagonists of the
Christian faith -- Lord Littleton and Gilbert West. These two men who were
friends agreed that there were two claims of the Christian faith, which if
they could be disproved, would absolutely devastate Christianity. Those claims
were the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the conversion of the Apostle
Paul. So, the men agree that each one would take one of those areas, go back
and do thorough research, discredit the resurrection, the conversion of Saul
and as result they would demolish the Christian faith. The two men parted and
went their ways. They engaged in extensive, thorough research on the two
subjects and then some time later they came back together. When they came
together they made the startling discovery that each one of them, as result of
their studies, had come to be convinced of the authenticity of the Christian
faith. As result each of those men, apart from the other, had become a
Christian. Had been saved and were trusting Jesus as their Savior. Lord
Littleton, the man who studied the conversion of Saul, wrote these words in a
book on the subject: "The conversion and apostleship of Paul, alone, duly
considered is of itself a demonstration sufficient to prove Christianity to be
a divine revelation." When he considered what the Bible said about the
conversion of Saul of Tarsus, he came to the unmistakable conclusion that
Christianity is a revelation from God, divine in nature. Of course, every
conversion is a miracle. Anytime God saves anybody it is a miracle experience.
I remember I used to hear people give their testimony. I've heard some
fantastic testimonies. I've heard people talk about how they were on drugs and
God saved them and set them free. I've heard conversion experiences of
alcoholics and how God saved and delivered them from alcohol. I used to listen
to t ...

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