by Jerry Vines

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Acts 3:11-18
Dr. Vines 3/23/86
Notice the setting for the sermon which Simon Peter preacher about the
Lord Jesus on this occasion. The man who had been crippled for over forty
years has been healed. He was sitting daily at the beautiful gate of the
temple, and when Peter and John were making their way up to the temple, at the
hour of prayer, he looked up at them expecting to receive an alms from them.
But Simon Peter had something a lot better than silver and gold to give him.
He had what the man really needed. So, he said to the man, "In the name of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." So, for the first time in this
man's life he was able to walk. He was thrilled and so excited, so blessed at
this miracle which God had done in his life that he is not leaping and running
and shouting and praising God all over the temple. So, when the commotion is
started, the people hear the commotion and the Bible says that they all came
together. What would you expect a Baptist preacher to do when a crowd begins
to gather. You are exactly right. When Simon sees those people gathered
together he knows it's time to preach a sermon. It really does help your
sermon if you have a miracle in your presence to show the people. That's one
of the things that makes it so exciting preaching at First Baptist Church at
Jacksonville. I have the opportunity of preaching in the presence of miracles
every service. There is not a week goes by that I don't meet someone I really
haven't had the opportunity to meet before who says to me that they were just
saved that Sunday or saved the week before, saved in the Thursday Luncheons,
saved in one of these services, saved through the visitation of some of our
people. There are absolutely some miracles of God sitting in this building
right here tonight. It's always a miracle when a person know Jesus. It's
always a miracle when God forgives a person of their sin, takes that sin ...

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