by Jerry Vines

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Acts 1:9-12
Dr. Vines 1/26/86
The last meeting our Lord had with His disciples was on the slopes of
the Mount Olivet. The Mount of Olives is east of the city of Jerusalem. You go
down the side of the mountain where the city is constructed, through a valley,
up the slopes of the Mount of Olive, then from the top of that place you can
see where the Lord Jesus Christ gathered with His disciples. It must have been
a time that was flooded with a great many memories. The Mount of Olives was a
very special place in the lives of the disciples. Several things of tremendous
importance had taken place at the Mount of Olives. It was down the slopes of
this hill that Jesus descended with His disciples when He made His triumphal
entry into the city of Jerusalem. It was down at the foot of this Mount of
Olives where Jesus gathered with His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane and
there they heard Him pray, "Not my will, but thine be done." From that place He
went from the trial that culminated in His death at Calvary's cross. So, it was
a place that was filled with many, many memories. The Lord Jesus gathered His
disciples together and the Bible says that on this occasion that He meets with
them for the last time in His flesh on this earth. It was a time of departure.
Departures are always difficult. It is never easy to say goodbye. Denny and
Diane have been having a hard time for the last several days. it's not easy to
say goodbye. It's never easy to break ties. It's never easy to break close
relationships with those we've worked with for many, many years. I remember
when I was a boy I saw the filmstrips of Babe Ruth. He said his goodbye at
Yankee Stadium, the Stadium he built as the saying goes, the place where so
many times he had thrilled the hearts of the fans. Babe Ruth, one day, stood at
home plate and pointed toward the right field fence. In so doing indicated to

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