by Jerry Vines

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Acts. 1:1-3
Dr. Vines 4/19/87
1 always look forward to Easter because it gives me an opportunity to go
over again the evidences for the Christian faith. So, today I want to speak
from just one little phrase in verse 3 about evidence that demands a verdict.
The evidences for the Christian faith are so strong, so solid and so
substantial that every individual who hears them must reach a verdict
concerning their reliability.
The subject for my messages is taken from a book by Josh McDowell. Most
of our college young people and singles are familiar with Josh McDowell. We
had him speak here a few years ago in one of our singles rallies. Josh has
written many books that have to do with the Christian faith and the evidence
for that faith. Probably the best book he ever wrote on the subject is the
book entitled, Evidences That Demand a Verdict. Every college student ought to
have a copy of that book and ought to keep it on hand as you go through your
college education. In the book he discusses the reliability of the Bible, the
resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and the virgin birth of our Lord. He
says that these truths have evidences that demand a verdict. In preparing this
message and thinking about the resurrection of our Lord and what Dr. Luke said
in the third verse of Acts 1, I could think of no phrase that would better
describe what Luke was saying that that phrase -- evidences that demand a
verdict. Dr. Luke, when he said that Jesus showed himself alive says that he
did so and gave evidences that are infallible. The word Dr. Luke uses there is
a medical word. It is also a world from the field of logic. It means
demonstrable evidences. It means undeniable evidences. You have to keep in
mind that Luke was a doctor. The apostle Paul called him the "beloved
physician." So, being a doctor, in his day, he was also a man who was trained
scientifically. This is why, for instance, w ...

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