by Jerry Vines

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Atcts 2O:1-27
Dr. dtness 4/12/87
I want to speak to you oyut oof th4-s chapter An the heart of a soulwinner.
Since the earliest days of my Christian life I have had the desire in my heart
to be a soulwinner. I came to know the Lord when I was a nine-year old boy.
Even as a boy, when I was real young, I wanted to know the joy of leading
people to Jesus. I didn't know how to go about it. I didn't know all I should
to be a soulwinner, but the desire in my heart was there. We had a boy on our
baseball team when I was 10 or 11. We came down to Waycross after winning the
State Championship in baseball for our league. On that team there was a boy
who came from a broken home -- a very rough kind of a boy who needed Jesus. I
remember praying for that boy that he would be saved and trying in my limited
way to tell that boy about Jesus. Then, I remember in the teenage years in my
home church, where Sunday after Sunday, we would see people walk down the
aisle -- the thrill I would experience. One of the ways I know I am saved is
because I get happy and I enjoy it when I see people come to know Jesus as
their Savior. That just lets me know I am a child of God, that I'm really born
again, that I'm His child. I remember the first time I ever led somebody to
Jesus. I remember leading a 15 year old boy and his 13 year old brother to the
Lord. I saw them baptized the next Sunday night in our church and it just
started a fire burning in our church and got some bells ringing down deep in
my soul about this matter of winning people to the Lord Jesus. The greatest
soulwinner who ever walked on the earth was Jesus Christ himself. No one could
lead people to salvation like Jesus could. Do you remember the night Jesus was
talking to Nicodemas, one on one the greatest sermon that was ever spoken on
the earth, Jesus spoke to Nicodemas. Before that experience was over,
Nicodemas knew what it was to be born again. T ...

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