by Jerry Vines

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Acts 8:26-40
Dr. Vines 8/3/86
I guess the reason I like this Scripture in a special way is because
every ingredient essential to bringing a soul to Jesus Christ is found in
these verses of Scripture right here. There is first of all the man who is
lost. Secondly, there is the Christian witness who is obedient. Thirdly, there
is the Word of God which is inspired and, fourthly, there is the Holy Spirit
who guides in the entire situation. I want us to take a little chariot ride
tonight, so I'm going to ask you to just step into the chariot with me and
journey with me for a little while on a very fascinating journey. First of
all, I want to call your attention to a -
I. A Prepared Si-nner.
As we look around in the chariot we notice that there is a man who is
called in these verses the Ethiopian eunuch. There are several things apparent
about this man as we journey with him along a desert road. The first thing we
notice about the man is that he is a very responsible man. The Bible says he
was a Eunuch and that he was in the court of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians.
A eunuch of great authority. In oriental times it was not an unusual thing for
eunuchs to be men of great importance in kingdoms. This man had a very
important position. He was a man of considerable stature and influence. He is
what we might call the secretary of state of the nation of Ethiopia. He is a
man who is laden with responsibility - a man who undoubtedly carries many
great honors. As you look around you will discover that servants are attending
him. Large groups of people have gathered themselves around his chariot and
they were following him and accompanying him on his journey. We know he is a
man of great importance if we will just take a look at the chariot. Most folks
couldn't afford a chariot in those days and this is quite some chariot we are
riding in tonight. It's wha ...

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