by Jerry Vines

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Acts 1:9-12
Dr. Vines 6/15/86
It's always a difficult moving time when you say goodbye to loved ones.
We live out toward the Naval Air Base at Mayport, and from time to time
different vessels set sail for sea from that place. I noticed in the paper
last week that the USS Forrestal went out to sea. Maybe you have seen the
families as they gather with their sailor husband and father as he gets ready
to go to sea and as they say goodbye to him. There are frequent embraces as
wives and children hug that sailor. There are many tears shed as he walks on
the ship and it embarks out to sea. In face, I have seen wives as they have
run along the dock trying to get that last glimpse of their loved one as he
goes out of sight. It's always a difficult, moving time when you say goodbye
to those you love. Last Saturday morning as we were getting ready to go up to
the convention, we decided to drive this year because of the closeness of the
distance. So, on that Saturday morning our youngest son was also going to
leave to go away to college. So, we got up that morning and- when it came time
for us to get in the cars and go away, we gathered as we have always done with
our children as they get ready to go from home and we held hands in the
kitchen and we had prayer. I prayed and I thanked God for him and for giving
him to us. Then I gave him back to God for this new stage in his life. Then,
we embraced and told one another how we much we loved each other and how proud
we were of him. We got in the car and started driving away. Us in our car -
him in his Toyota truck. We came by the building here and looked on the church
on the left. In a little while we got close to I-95. Just in a few moments I
saw him as he turned the curve, went up on a ramp and I said, "He's gone."
About that time my wife, Janet, just had a spell. She just cried and carried
on. You have never seen such a mess in all of your life ...

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