by William Wyne

The Blessings of New Beginning
William Wyne
Luke 19:1-10

In many ways, the New Year can be seen as a blank page to begin writing a new story, a new chapter, and a new scene in life. The New Year is an opportunity to chart a new course, and yet it's also the challenge to face new directions and a new destiny.
Ophrah Winfrey says, the New Year is a chance to get it right, do it differently, and to do it perhaps better than it was done.

It's possible that a new you can emerge in a New Year. A new way of being, a new way of doing, a new way of thinking. The New Year should not be a season where you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at your failures, flaws and the cracks and holes of the past year. They are there, you lived them, you experienced them, you created some of them, and some were created for you. They are there, they have not been erased, and they are there. You do not have to go back to see if they are, you live with the scars and the scares of the past, but you do not have to continue to make that mental and emotional trip back there to visit, they are there.

Perhaps the New Year is a season that you can focus more on the potential than the past; perhaps you can give more energy in filling the cracks and holes of your hurts and disappointments with the positive, and with a commitment not to make the holes and hurts larger by continuing to dig in them.

Growing up, sometimes you would skin your knee or elbow from a fall, and it would break the skin, a few days later the healing process begins, because the way the body is made, the self-healing process begins. A scab will begin to cover the open area, but as children, you could be seen picking at it, and pulling the scab off. That action would cause the parents to tell you, let it alone, it will never heal if you keep picking at it.

Some adults need to hear that, let it alone. Some church folks need to hear that, some Bible believers, faith walking, spiritual talking, scripture quot ...

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