by William Wyne

Looking in the Right Direction in the New Year
William Wyne
Hebrews 12:1-2

Arriving at the right destination is intrinsically tied to looking toward and following the right direction. You will never get to the right destination if you allow yourself to continue to look in the wrong direction. There has to be the right equation to reach the right answer. Having the right mathematical equation in a problem will always produce the right answer. If you are trying to find the equation for the answer of C Square, you will not arrive at C Square by adding A square plus D square and get C square. The answer of C Sq. is the results of adding A square plus B square that equals c square.

In this New Year, to arrive at the place of favor, faithfulness, peace, and joy, you have to look in the right direction. The right direction is a part of the equation to have the right ending. Because you are made with a mind, a will, and choice, you can choose your directions. You can look in many directions, but every road, every path; every direction does not lead to the place of blessings and favor.
The blessing of triumph in the faith is tied to looking in the right directions.

You can spend this New Year if you choose looking back at your failures, looking back at your mistakes, looking back at your wrong decisions, looking back at your injuries, insults, and indifferences, looking back with a fixity that causes you to live in the present moment with the packages and burdens of past miseries. Even God, who is omnipotent, all power, can do nothing about yesterday.

Your can spend time if you want to look back, but too often it only makes you angry, it drains the new energy that you thought you had, it poisons too often the possibility of your today.
Looking back can be healthy or unhealthy; it just depends on how you handle and what you plan on doing with your yesterday. Look back to learn, not to live there.

You can go through this year looking down, you can allow ...

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