by Rex Yancey

Sin is Exceedingly Sinful
Rex Yancey
Romans 7:13

Romans 7 is an autobiographical testimony of the apostle Paul. He rolls back the curtains and gives us a view of his inner struggles. He really gives us a great description of sin. The things he wanted to do he didn’t do. The things he did not want to do, he did. This is the tension and struggle we all have to face. He came to the conclusion that sin was exceedingly sinful.

We need a vision of sin. His vision changed his life. Isaiah’s vision of God and vision of himself changed his life. The disciple’s vision of Christ on the Mount of Transformation changed their lives. The hundreds of people who saw Jesus after the resurrection changed their lives and the future of Christianity.

Isaiah cried out to God after he saw himself and said, ‘‘Woe is me for I am undone.’’ When one sees sin in the light of God’s Word and God’s holiness, we see it as it really is.

I want us to get an accurate picture of sin this morning. We will consider five things.


A group of people were going on a tour of a coal mine. One lady in the group had a white dress on. Someone told her it was not a good idea to tour the mine with a white dress. She asked the guide if she could wear a white dress into the mine. He said, ‘‘You can wear a white dress into the mine, but you cannot wear a white dress out of the mine!’’

Sin leaves us defiled and dirty every time we take an excursion into it. The technical word for this is ‘‘GUILT!’’ Psychologists and psychiatrists often talk about the ‘‘gift complex.’’ Guilt is more than a complex. It is a very real and serious defilement of our lives.

After David’s tryst with Bathsheba and his confrontation by Nathan, he cried out to God to be cleansed from his sin. He bathed in marble tubs, dried off with the finest linens, and sprinkled himself with the fines perfumes, but he felt dirty.

Lady Macbeth was guilty of murder. In her deranged mental state sh ...

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