by Jerry Vines

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II Corinthians 10:1-18
Dr. Vines 10/13/85
I think that just in this sampling of verses in this chapter, you
notice an abrupt change of tone in the remarks of Paul. Up until this point he
has been very conciliatory and loving. He has been dealing with problems that
exist in the fellowship at Corinth. He has been lovingly dealing with them and
he has been very positive and up-beat. He has been able to solve some of the
problems they are facing. When you close the 9th chapter Paul is rejoicing. He
is thanking God for them. He is praising the Lord for their wonderful Christian
response. Now, when you come to the 10th chapter there is an altogether
different atmosphere. Paul becomes very stern. He is confrontational in his
language. Why is it there is such a sudden change in tone and such a sudden
transformation and attitude on the part of Paul. The reason is as you may
recall in the Corinthian church there was a division in the fellowship. When he
wrote the first letter he said I hear there are divisions among you. There
were. So, Paul in the first nine chapters of this letter has been writing to
the repentant majority. Now in chapters 10 and on he addresses himself to the
rebellious minority. There were some people who had come to the city of Corinth
who were trying to undermind everything he had done for Jesus in that City and
in that church. There were the judiazers trying to destroy the gospel of
Christ. They were trying to bring these people in legalistic bondage. They had
come and were attacking the gospel Paul preached. They were launching their
attacks upon Paul himself. In essence what they were doing is really a
spiritual demolition job on the believers in the city of Corinth. They were
like vicious terrorists who were taking captives for their legalism. So, Paul
just meets them head on. Paul just launches a counter-attack and deals openly
and directly with his accusers. We can be ...

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