by Jerry Vines

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II Cor. 8:16-24
9/22/85 Dr. Jerry Vines
We are in a two chapter study on the subject of the matter of
Christian giving. The whole subject of Christian giving is very important to a
Christian and especially is important to a person who has just become a
Christian. The greatest thing I could ever do for an individual is to lead
them to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. The person who led you to
Christ is going to be your friend for life because they have done the most
wonderful things anybody can ever do for you. They have told you about Jesus.
They have told you how to stay out of hell, how to get to heaven and have a
very wonderful, happy, meaningful life. The second thing you can do for a
person after you have led them to Christ is to teach them the Bible subject of
giving. There is probably no other subject in the Bible that can do as much for
you as an individual as to learn what it is to really give. The mind grows by
taking in. The heart grows by giving out. As we take into our minds our minds
grow and our understanding and knowledge. We develop and grow our mind by
taking in information. Our hearts grow as we learn to give. As we give and as
we give and as we give, we become a very large hearted, liberal, generous
Christian. I've come to believe that there is nothing that is as important as
the subject of giving in teaching an individual how they can really love the
Lord and love other people. You can't just study the subject of love apart from
the subject of giving. I've given you these verses several times before, but I
want to give them to you again.
For God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son.
Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. You just can't talk about love
apart from the subject of giving. The mind grows by taking in, the heart grows
by giving out. I want you to learn what it is to have a large hearted attitude
toward live. In o ...

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