by Jerry Vines

II Corinthians 7:1
Dr. Jerry Vines

Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved,
let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of
the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the
fear of God.
I want us to stop, look and listen at this verse for a little bit
because it may be, as it relates to the Christian life, one of the most
important verses in the entire Bible. We are talking about what the Bible
says about how to live the Christian life. In the beginning of this verse,
the Scripture says:
Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved...
Every time in the Bible you see the word, therefore, you ask yourself the
question what is the therefore there for? You look at what has been
previously said. He is building a case, he is pointing us to this climax on
the basis of just what's gone before. So, in the verses just preceding this
statement, the apostle Paul has talked about the great promise God makes to a
believer. God has said if you will live a separated, dedicated life to me,
I'll walk with you, I'll be in you, I'll manifest myself to you in a very
real way. The greatest life any person could ever possibly live is a life in
fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no higher standard of living
possible for a human being than to walk with God in this world.
Remember when Adam and Ever were in the Garden of Eden. The Bible
says that the Lord walked with them in the cool of the day. Before sin came
between man and God, man had the glorious privilege of fellowship with the
2 K
eternal God, the God who created this universe. So, Adam walked with God
before sin separated.
We are told in the Bible about a man named Enoch. The Bible says
that Enoch walked with God. What a wonderful privilege! What a wonderful
opportunity. Because of this the Bible tells us what we must do on our part
in order to walk with God to have fellowship with the ...

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