by Jerry Vines

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Get Right With God
II Corinthians 5:18-21
8/11/85 - Dr. Vines
Over in the book of Hebrews, the writer says:
How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?
There is probably no better way to describe this salvation of ours than that.
So great salvation. From every point of view the salvation we have in Jesus
Christ is indeed a great salvation. Because of that there is no one word or
group of words that can adequately convey all that is involved in our
salvation. For this reason the Bible gives us a variety of beautiful word
pictures to describe what it means to be saved - to be born again. For
instance, the Bible uses the word, justified. That word, within itself, could
be a very boring study until you see the word picture that it conveys. To be
justified is a picture of a prisoner standing before a judge. He is
absolutely guilty of everything he has been accused of doing. Yet, in a
wonderful display of grace, he is declared not guilty. He is acquitted, he is
justified. So great salvation. Then the Bible uses the word, redemption. When
I am saved I am redeemed. The picture there is of a man who is a slave. He is
on the slave block, he is getting ready to be auctioned off. Then one comes
and at the price of blood, purchases that slave. Having purchased his
freedom, he then sets him free. He is redeemed. So great salvation. Then, the
Bible uses the word, adoption. When we are saved we are adopted. The picture
there is of a person who is a stranger and an outcast. He has no cimali
whatsoever to the family of God. Yet, in wonderful love, the great God
reaches down to this stranger, says to him, "I forgive you of your sins,
I'll bring you in this family and you will be my very own child." Adopted
So great salvation.
Another one of those word pictures is the word, reconciliation. When
I am saved it means I am reconciled. Here is a picture of a man who is a
hostile enemy. He is an enemy. He is doing everythi ...

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