by Jerry Vines

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A Brand New You
II Corinthians 5:17
8/4/85 Sunday 3 am Dr. Vines
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new
creature: old things are passed away; behold,
all things are become new.
That has to be one of the greatest verses in the whole Bible. It's
such a great verse I just couldn't run pass it, but I want to just park on
this verse for a little bit today. I want us to talk about what it means when
God makes a man a brand new man. This verse is really a promise. It is a
promise of what God will do in the life of a person if he will receive Jesus
Christ as his Lord and Savior. It is a promise of God that God will make out
of your life a brand new person. Sometimes people promise things they are not
able to deliver. We find that sometimes in commercials. You have seen the
commercials, I'm sure, about the exercise programs and around town you can pay
a monthly fee and exercise. Here is Susan Slob, 410 pounds. After two weeks of
working out on their machines, she is now Suzie Sleek, 110 pounds. They are
promising a brand new you, but they may not be able to deliver what they
promised. Sometimes commercials of cosmetics make that kind of promise. If you
can just get their particular brand of cologne or their particular beauty
creme. Here is a fellow who is a hopeless nerd. He gets hold of their cologne
and now he's an irrestistible prince charming. I told you about me picking up
some cologne out in Dallas that made me absolutely irresistible to her. It
smells just like K-Mart. All kinds of products make promises that they are not
able to fulfill. But, here is a promise of God, it's backed up with the
authority of God, himself. Literally millions of people can testify to its
truthfulness that if any man will come to Christ he will be a brand new
creation. This verse is not only a promise, but it is really an exclamation of
victory. Notice he uses the word, behold. The word, behold, really means -
look, take a ...

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