by Jerry Vines

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II Corinthians 5:11-17
Dr. Vines 7/28/85
I want to talk with you a little bit today about the subject of
persuading men. Persuading men has certainly become big business in America.
Advertising experts have taken the matter of how to persuade people to do
what you want them to do and turned it into a very exact science. Companies
in America spend literally billions of dollars getting people to buy what
they want them to buy. A few years ago there was a man named Vance Packard
who wrote a book entitled, "The Hidden Persuaders." In this book he showed
how that motivation research experts are able to pretty much tell a company
what appeals to use in order to get the public to buy the product they want
them to buy. They found out there are certain colors which are more appealing
to segments of people than other colors. Therefore, if you want this
particular people to buy your product you put it in that color. There are
certain kinds of cars, certain styles of automobiles that will get people to
come into the car dealership. They may not buy that car necessarily, but it
will get them there and you can persuade them to buy the car you want them to
buy. So, the whole subject of market research has come to be big business in
I was reading an article in a magazine this week on market research
on the matter of changing of the formula from the old coke to the new coke
and how this was an instance where market researchers really missed the
American people. They really didn 't understand some underlying motives that
caused people to drink Coca Cola. All of this is in the area of persuading
men. The one purpose, the one goal of it all is to persuade people to buy
their product. It was interested to me to read in the 11th verse of these
verses that the apostle Paul summarizes the whole purpose of his life in
these three words when he said we persuade men. Yet, wh ...

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