by Jerry Vines

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II Corinthians 4:13-18
Dr. Vines 6/30/85
Some people make the mistake of living only for time, with no reference
to eternity. There is a man in the Bible who made that mistake. His name is
Solomon. He has recorded for us in the book of Ecclesiastes the tragedy of a
man who lives his life with no reference to eternity whatsoever. As you read
his book of Ecclesiastes you will notice that several times he uses the
phrase "under the sun." He describes a man's life who lives only with
reference to time and has no reference to things eternal - a life under the
Solomon was a young man who knew the Lord and yet somewhere along the
way he chose to cut off his relationship with the Lord and live only for
things the eye could see. There is a Danish fable that illustrates what
Solomon did quite well. It's the story about a spider in a barn. The spider,
one day, came down on a narrow thread of web and wove a web in the corner of
the barn. There, where all of the fat juicy insects could come by, and the
spider would catch those insects in the barn in that web and was living quite
sumptuously off of them. After a period of time the spider
forgot how he was there, reached up to the thin thread, clipped it, and in a
moment its whole world came caving in.
There was a time in the life of Solomon where he had that vital link
with God. But, when Solomon got interested in only the things which his eye
could see, there came that time when he clipped that relationship with God
and his whole world came caving in. When you read the book of Ecclesiastes
you have the story of an old man who has wasted his life, he has lived only
for the things he can see. He has no reference to things unseen. The only
thing that remains for him to do is to die, meet God, and explain a wasted
life. It is a tragedy for a man to live only for the things which his eyes
can see, and not spend any time on the things which ...

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