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Jesus: The Way of Salvation (3 of 6)
Series: Exodus
Jason Dees
Exodus 14

Red Sea

Exodus: The Way of Salvation
Exodus 14

It has always intrigued me that our country kind of stops for this day, on TV there are a lot of shows about Jesus, or shows with biblical things, and friends of mine that really have nothing to do with church, or Christianity on Easter kind of get interested in the things of God, so why is this?

Well it may be that people just get into the hype of the day, but I think that for most people it is actually a lot bigger than that. I think people are so interested in Easter because deep down everyone wants a story like this to be true. Has there really been a resurrection? Can we really be saved from death? Because if there has been a resurrection and if we can be saved from death well then that changes everything.

Because everyone has to deal with the age-old question, ‘‘what happens to you when you die?’’

It’s an unavoidable question because death is an unavoidable reality. The old adage says, ‘‘There are only two things you can count on in life, death and taxes.’’ And even though as we will all be reminded next Wednesday that you can’t get out of paying your taxes the message of Easter is that you can get out of death.

If the story of Easter is true and Jesus got out of death after he died a cruel and painful death on the cross then maybe, just maybe there is hope for all of us.

If you have been with us over the past several weeks we have been making our way through the book of Exodus with the hope that this ancient book would have a lot to teach us about salvation and the Christian life

And if you have been here we have been following with people of Israel and their plight to be freed from captivity, and that is where we are going to pick up this week as we look at the 4th major movement in the book of Exodus and we are going to be spending most of our time in chap ...

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