by Jason Dees

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Jesus: The Great Rescuer (1 of 6)
Series: Exodus
Jason Dees
Exodus 7-11

God’s Authority
The Plagues
This ruined Egypt and it never recovered
Real Repentance
Real Protection and restoration - God protected his people he displayed his power in restoration in Jesus
Jesus protected his people by going to the cross for them
All of Egypt’s god’s were judged in the plagues

Jesus: The Great Rescuer
Exodus 7-11

Well if you were here last week we began a study of the book of Exodus and the story of the Exodus the people of Israel leaving bondage in the land of Egypt and making their way to the promised land of Canaan is of course one of the most famous stories in Bible and really all of literature. And of course this isn’t just a story in literature but also it is a story in history. Here at Valleydale we believe that the biblical accounts of scripture in as much as the author intended to be giving an account are true, accurate, and trustworthy. So not that we need external sources to believe these accounts, but it is noteworthy that external sources in recorded history, archeology, and even in climatology continue to verify what we read in scripture.

But as amazing as the book of Exodus is as literature and history it has a lot to say to us… This 3500 year old story is incredibly relevant, and it speaks to the Christian life. Alec Motyer has written a great little commentary on the book of Exodus, and Motyer basically says, if you went to a Hebrew man or woman in the time of the Exodus and said tell me about your life, they would say something like this, ‘‘Well I was in bondage, but God sent a savior he sent a rescuer who came in power, and the lamb of God was sacrificed and I was saved under the blood of the lamb, and God brought me out of bondage, he defeated my enemies, he has provided for all of my needs, and he has sustained me and protected me and led me, and even though I still sin I am confident that God is leading me to the promised land’’ ...

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