by Jason Dees

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Jesus: The Perfect Sacrifice (2 of 6)
Series: Exodus
Jason Dees
Exodus 12

The Lord’s Supper reminds us that we are saved. We get to see the sacrifice.

Intro - I want you to go with me to a place – To Goshen – the night the angel came – You can hear the screams, you can sense the urgency, but there is peace.
Exodus – Plagues
They were going to feel the full force
Israel had to feel that they were in danger
Perfect sacrifice
Remember his wrath
Remember the sacrifice
Remember the peace
How beautiful the blood right, o precious is the flow. Treasure the lamb
It has to be next to consequence. How do you get to consequence?

Jesus: The Perfect Sacrifice
Exodus 12

I want you to go with me somewhere. To a place called Goshen on a Spring night 3500 years ago, and I want you to imagine with me being a Hebrew man or a Hebrew Woman, and you are at home and you can see all of your family there, they are with you, and there is something special about this moment, there is an urgency but there is still peace in the house. And you feel warm and safe in the house because there is a fire. And you can smell that there is a roast on the fire, and its not just any roast or barbeque this is the best piece of meat your family has it was the unblemished lamb, fattened and perfect, and roasted with herbs. And after the meal was prepared, you sit down with your family to eat and you could taste this meat, and you could taste the bread without yeast, and you could taste your family’s best wine.

You could see your family, smell the freshly roasted lamb, feel the warmth of the fire, and taste the bread and wine, but outside of your house what you heard were screams, people wailing, people crying out… ‘‘My Son’’ ‘‘My Daughter’’ ‘‘My husband!’’ ‘‘My wife!’’ ‘‘My sister!’’ ‘‘My brother!’’

Because you see on that night the Lord had come to Egypt, and the Lord had put to death all of the first born children in every household. The Lord had put to death the first born ...

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