by Jason Dees

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Jesus: The Faithful Sustainer (4 of 6)
Series: Exodus
Jason Dees
Exodus 16

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Exodus: The Faithful Sustainer

Exodus 16

If you are new to church or if you haven’t been around Christianity for a long time one of the things that you will hear Christians say is the phrase, ‘‘when were you saved?’’ or ‘‘How were you saved?’’ or even ‘‘Are you saved?’’ And if you haven’t been around church you may have heard that and thought to yourself, what are they talking about? And what is it that you have been saved from?

And as Christians we believe that though faith in Jesus, by believing in Jesus we have been saved from death, We have been saved from judgment, and that we have been saved from sin.

And this is actually one of the most compelling parts of Christianity because every Christian has a story, or what we call a testimony, and many Christians are like me and were by God’s grace born into a Christian home and saw Christianity modeled by their parents and they were faithfully taught the Bible and the Gospel by a faithful church, and through all of that God really came alive to me and I was saved or became a follower of Christ at a young age. And I am so grateful for a story like mine because when I think about the course of my life, God has been so faithful to protect me, and keep me, and I have just enjoyed my relationship with him for a long time.

But other Christians have much more dramatic stories or testimonies, and they are stories of how their lives were moving one way, how their lives were following of course of sin and disobedience toward God, and something happened and they heard the gospel, and it really changed them, and this salvation moment really changed the whole direction of their life. A person was going this way and this was going to be their story and their life was totally changed.

If you have be ...

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