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Jesus: The Constant Help (6 of 6)
Series: Exodus
Jason Dees
Exodus 40


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need - 5th Level - Self Actualization - people only find this for 5 minutes

Jenner may have been one of the one’s to find it.

Bruce Jenner - Has always felt like he is really someone different -

In a fallen universe, all of us are alienated, in some way, from who were designed to be. That alienation manifests itself in different ways in different people.

We need a new birth all together to be restored

This is what the Holy Spirit is doing in us he is remaking us into who we are supposed to be,

Its exactly the story of Israel, they needed the Exodus to be remade to get rid of Egypt and to invite in Israel
Our scripture reading for today comes from Exodus 40:16-38

17 In the first month in the second year, on the first day of the month, the tabernacle was erected. 18 Moses erected the tabernacle. He laid its bases, and set up its frames, and put in its poles, and raised up its pillars. 19 And he spread the tent over the tabernacle and put the covering of the tent over it, as the Lord had commanded Moses. 20 He took the testimony and put it into the ark, and put the poles on the ark and set the mercy seat above on the ark. 21 And he brought the ark into the tabernacle and set up the veil of the screen, and screened the ark of the testimony, as the Lord had commanded Moses. 22 He put the table in the tent of meeting, on the north side of the tabernacle, outside the veil, 23 and arranged the bread on it before the Lord, as the Lord had commanded Moses. 24 He put the lampstand in the tent of meeting, opposite the table on the south side of the tabernacle, 25 and set up the lamps before the Lord, as the Lord had commanded Moses. 26 He put the golden altar in the tent of meeting before the veil, 27 and burned fragrant incense on it, as the Lord had commanded Moses. 28 He put in place the screen for the door of the tab ...

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