by Rex Yancey

A Plea for Revival
Rex Yancey
Psalm 85:1-13

Along a Kentucky highway was parked a big 18 wheeler. The driver was standing by the tractor from which a front wheel had been removed. A pastor stopped to see if he needed assistance. The trucker thanked him and said that he had already sent for help. He had burned out a wheel bearing and his help was bringing it to him. As the pastor pulled away, his eye caught the lettering on the side of the trailer: Standard Oil Company of Kentucky, Lubricants Division. He had burned out a wheel bearing hauling grease!

There are some of us who have been hauling grease in the church for many years, but we can feel a bearing about to burn out. What we need is for God to open up the heavens and pour out upon us all his showers of blessing.

Somewhere between Elijah's juniper tree and Simeon Peter's proposed three tabernacles on the mount of Transformation can be found the realm of the consistent Christian walk. For every Christian there is an occasional juniper tree and a cave of loneliness. However, we should find God in our times of doubt and problems.

On the other hand, the false impression that the Christian life is a constant, spiritual mountaintop experience is even more dangerous than the time of discouragement.

Jesus allowed the disciples to go to the mountaintop with him, but he did not allow them to stay long enough to establish squatter's rights!

But even if we find the middle ground of the Christian walk, we will still find the valleys. We need to experience the mountaintops as well. This is the plea of the psalmist in our text today.

There are three truths I want us to glean from this text.


Revival can be so near and yet so far away. But one thing I learned when I was an evangelist is that revival is God's work. It happens many times when we least expect it. It starts on many occasions in a humble setting.

Revival cannot be worked up but must be prayed down. Revival ...

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