by Jerry Vines

God's Incredible Man
Dr. Jerry Vines
II Corinthians 4:7-12

I believe these verses show us Paul as God's incredible man. From every perspective, when you look at the life of this wonderful man, the apostle Paul, you see God's incredible man. He had a very incredible conversion. You know the story of Paul's conversion. He was a Jewish rabbi who had a rabid hatred of the people of God. One day on a roadside, at lunch time, he was smitten in the dust by conviction, met the Lord Jesus Christ and had an incredible conversion. I have read some of the statements of people trying to explain the change that took place in Paul's life. Some people suggested that he had a fit of epilespy on the Damascus Road. Others said he had a sunstroke and that's what caused him to do what he did. If what happened to Paul came from epilespy or sunstroke, would to God that all of us had like-fits and had a sunstroke too. The change that took place on that road, on that day in the life of this man, Paul, was an incredible conversion. That's not all. He also had an incredible life. As you read the life of this man, now converted to the Lord Jesus, you see indeed an incredible life. He literally crisscrossed the world in his day telling people about the Lord Jesus. He went into the deserts of Arabia with Moses and the prophets in his knapsack. He returned with Romans and Galatians and Ephesians in his heart. Everywhere he went he confronted men with the claims of Jesus Christ. He had the incredible ministry of literally shaking his world for the Lord Jesus Christ. This Paul was God's incredible man. When you read II Corinthinans, to a large extend, you are reading the personal testimony of this man. It is a very intimate, a very personal book. Paul just seems to open up his heart and shares from his heart what Jesus had done and was doing in his life. You will notice in verse one of this chapter he has said: We have this ministry. Now in verse seven he says: We have this treasure. When ...

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