by Jerry Vines

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The Glory of the Gospel
II Corinthians 3;7-18
Dr. Vines 6/2/85
Among many things that happened to you when you are saved, the Bible
says God puts His glory back in your life. When you are saved, a glory which
was lost because of sin, is restored to your life. In Romans 3:23 the Bible
For all have sinned and come short of the
glory of God.
When sin entered into the world, the glory that man had from God was
stripped away from him. In the garden of Eden the Bible teaches us that Adam
walked in the very presence of God and experienced the splendor of God in his
life. But when he sinned that glory of God was taken away. Man fell all the
way from Glory to nudity. Man fell all the way from fellowship with God to
being estranged and alienated from God. But when a man comes to Christ the
Bible says that God restores again that glory into his life. Thi-is is why i-ln I
Timothy 1:11 the Bible talks about our gospel - the Good News - and calls it
the glorious gospel of Christ.
You remember hearing about a person who was saved and maybe they
were just way off from the Lord - maybe a very infamous sinner, so to speak.
When people talk about their salvation they say, "He had a glorious
salvation." A man whose salvation was just so miraculous and so wonderful
that people said it was a glorious salvation. Really when you understand what
the Bible says, any salvation experience is a glorious experience of
salvation. The Bible says:
His glory is great in thy salvation.
Ultimately every person who comes to know the Lord is saved by the
grace of God and for the glory of God. We rejoice in what that salvation does
in that life. We are thrilled when we witness that salvation and we share in
the glory of it. But ultimately the purpose of every soul that is saved is to
bring great glory unto God.
I want us to talk a little bit about this glory of the gospel. This
chapter is tre gliory chapter in the B4b-le. read 12 verse ...

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