by Jerry Vines

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I Corinthians 16:5-24
Dr. Jerry Vines
These are the closing words of Paul to the church at Corinth,
the metropolitan city of Corinth. A similarity in the words of Paul at
the close of his letters to the various churches. Because of that
similarity and because it's kind of personal in nature, there is a
tendency for us when we are studying through a book like that to get to
those verses and then just kind of skip over them and really not study
them in depth. I have found in my own personal study of God's Word,
however, that there are some real gems of spiritual truth to be found in
these closing remarks of Paul in these letters to the churches. These
verses are certainly no exception. There is Bible juice to be squeezed
out of these grapes. There is Bible truth to be found in the deep
reservoirs of this well of God's Word. I want us to look at Paul's
final words and consider them together and draw the lessons that God has
for our herts from them.
First of all, in the verses which I have read, think about -
I. Paul's Anticipation.
Here is a man whose heart is filled with anticipation. He is
making plans. He is not haphazard in his life. You and I ought not to
be hsphazArd in our life either. It is certainly proper for us to make
plans, to have visions and dreams and to anticipate what we are going to
do in the days of the future. So, Paul has anticipation, hoping he
will get to go and be with them, hoping that he will get to make a
personal visit with them. So, he says these things on the way - "I'm
coming to you." "I do pass." "Maybe I'll get to spend the winter with
you." He made these kinds of statements. I want to point out to you
that at the end of verse 7 there are four words that are extremely
important. He says all of this, talking about his plans, then he says,
"If the Lord permit." You and I would say God willing - if it's the
will of the Lord. That's the way you always have to do your ...

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