by Rex Yancey

Mothers: The Heart of the Home
Rex Yancey
Exodus 2:1-10

There was a man walking on a beach in California. He saw a lamp, rubbed it, and a Genie popped out! The Genie was so appreciative he granted the man one wish.

The man had a fear of flying so he asked the Genie for a highway from California to Hawaii. The Genie said that it couldn't be done. It was technologically impossible considering the depth of the ocean and the distance to the state. ''Wish for something else.''

The man thinks about it and enthusiastically wishes he could understand women, what makes them tick, emotional, shop so much. The Genie said, ''Do you want a 2 lane or four lane highway!''

We are considering Homeland Security this month. If marriage is the heaven of the home, mothers are the heart of the home.

Jochebed is not specifically mentioned in our text. She is mentioned in Exodus 6:20.

Abraham Lincoln said, ''Behind every great man is a great mother!'' Napolean said, ''Let France have great mothers, and France will have great sons.'' D. L. Moody Said, ''All I have ever accomplished I owe to my godly mother.''

I personally and publicly thank my mother for the influence she had on me.

I want us to preview Jochebed's resume this morning.


1. She rejoiced at her son's birth. There was great rejoicing in a Jewish home when a son was born. The husband wanted a son to carry on his name and legacy. The wife wanted a son to give evidence of a fruitful life. She wanted her husband to be pleased with her.

- I can imagine joy in that home. Any mother knows the joy that comes when she holds that new born baby. Children bring laughter and happiness to a home.

- One little boy was in church with his mother. He asked his mother what the lady next to them was singing. The mother said, ''She is singing alto.'' ''No wonder it sounds so bad, we are singing Joy to the World,'' said the lad.

Another mother said to her young son, ''I don ...

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