by Jerry Vines

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Last night on the cable news there was a report about a group of
treasure hunters who have found a wrecked vessel off Cape Cod. It's the vessel
Whita and they believe there is unbelievable treasure locked down in that
buried ship. They have estimated there may be as much as 10 million dollars
worth of buried treasure there. Divers have gone down and found silver and
gold plates. They have found gold coins. They have even said that in the
waters above the surface of the ship, they have found gold dust. These divers
and treasure hunters have gone down and they believe they are going to be able
to recover some buried treasure. I want us to think about recovering some
buried treasure. I believer there is some talent for the Lord. I think there
are some people who could be greatly used for God who are buried in the
inactive rolls of our membership. I'm talking about people who have known
Jesus as their Savior. They know the Lord. There was a time when they were
actively serving the Lord Jesus Christ and yet for any variety of reasons
their treasure is buried and it is being unused in the work of the Lord. Of
course, we know that the main ministry of the church is the ministry of
reconciliation. When Jesus went back to heaven, he said to his disciples, "Go
into all the world and make disciples of all of the nations." That is our
mandate from heaven. We have no right to do anything else until first of all
we have obeyed the commandment of Jesus in going into the world to make
disciples. So, our priority assignment is the assignment of winning the lost.
Bringing people one by one to know Jesus as their personal Savior. That's what
I call the ministry of reconciliation. Over in II Cor. 5 the Bible says that
God has given to us that ministry of reconciliation. We are ambassadors for
Christ and in Christ's stead we beceech men ...

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