by Jerry Vines

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Since I've moved to Jacksonville, there is a person here who has
given me all kinds of problems. I've done everything I can do get along with
this individual. Yet, I seem to have daily problems with him. He hinders me
from being what I want to be. He keeps me from being the kind of Christian and
the kind of preacher I believer God would have me to be. He is a constant
burden to me. He is a constant source of problems to me. So, this morning I
want to introduce this person to you and tell you about him. The number one
person who gives me problems in Jacksonville is named Jerry Vines. I want you
to know that I have had more difficulties with Jerry Vines than with any other
person I've ever come in contact with in my life. In fact, for 47 years now,
he has been constantly with me. On every hand he has kept me from being what
God wants me to be, Very soon after you become a Christian you will make a
very startling discovery. You come to Christ and you are told that your sins
are forgiven, that Jesus has paid for your sins at Calvary's cross, and that
you do not have to be in bondage to sin anymore. Yet, very soon after that
experience you make the startling, stunning discovery that you are in the
battle of your life. You find out that you are battling three tremendous foes.
You are battling the world, the flesh and the devil. Day by day, in the life
of a believer, these three enemies seek to hinder and keep you from being what
God wants you to be. Of course, we know that the devil is the enemy who is
without us, The w-rll ia the enemy around us. But the flesh is that enemy who
is within us. I've come to believe as a Christian, that my number one enemy is
the flesh. I know that I have victory over the devil through the power of
Jesus. When Jesus conquered the devil in the wilderness experience his victory
has made possib ...

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