by Jerry Vines

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Galatians 5:1-6
Look at verse 1:
For freedom Christ hath set us free. Stand fast therefore and
don't be imprisoned again in legalism. (paraphrased)
This first verse is actually the climatic verse in the book of Galatians.
Everything which Paul has said up to this point leads to that statement.
Everything Paul will say after this point flows from this statement. You have
to keep in mind that Paul, for two chapters now, has been thoroughly discuss-
ing the matter of salvation by grace. He teaches that we are justified by
grace through faith and that we are not saved by keeping the law. We are not
saved by anything we do, but we are saved totally on the basis of what Jesus
did for us when He died at Calvary's cross. That's what he has been discussing
for chapters three and four. Now, in chapter five we begin a brand new
division in our discussion in Galatians. There are really three sections to
the book of Galatians. Chapters one and two are personal. Chapters three and
four are doctrinal. Chapters five and six are practical. Having given us the
great truth of justification, Paul is now going to discuss the matter of
sanctification. If you were here Wednesday night you heard Dr. Lindsay say
that salvation is in three phases. Justification, sanctification, and
glorification. Salvation deals with every dimision of your life. It deals with
your past--that's justification. It deals with your present--that
sanctification. Then, it deals with your future--glorification. We are
especially interested in the matter of sanctification or the living out of the
Christian life in our daily experience. In justification we are saved from the
penalty of sin. In glorification we are saved one day from the very presence
of sin. Now in sanctification we are to be daily saved from the practice of
sin--a daily growth in grace, a daily growth in maturity, becoming more and
more of what Jesus has saved us t ...

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